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Since the Disk Cleanup is a built-in utility, it requires system files to be fully operational. However, if your system files are corrupted or missing, it can cause the issue to pop up. Disk Cleanup will remove any unnecessary Windows Update files. If you refer back to Figure C, you’ll see that adjacent to the View Files button is a button titled Clean Up System Files. You’ll notice this button is flagged with the User Account Control icon.

  • Microsoft’s Windows is one of the most used operating systems and it has many features that most certainly assert its dominance over the competition.
  • Our experts do not recommend making any changes in the Registry on your own.
  • There can often be certain “Broken Registry Items” in the registry.

After years of software installation , hardware changes, and software upgrades, the registry can be full of unused keys. Avast Cleanup is the best value CCleaner alternative for checking registry files and optimizing system performance.

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The Windows 10 registry stores all the information about your computer’s hardware, software, and activities. It is a vast database where you can get all the information related to your PC. At times, there are unwanted and invalid registry entries, especially when the software is uninstalled. Therefore, you need to how to clean registry in Windows 10so that the performance of your computer is not affected. All Windows operating systems use a database to store configuration settings.

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Changes in the default settings can be applied by clicking on the “Apply” button. The list of all such backups taken from time to time can be viewed under the section “Partial Backups” . The scanning can be initiated by clicking on the “Start Scan Now” button. Registry Cleaner will then thoroughly scan the Registry and read through each entry and the respective reference it points.

I have tested these over time and they all do a great job. As a best practice, you will also want to have a good Spyware and Adware program in addition to your registry cleaner to make sure your PC is always running in top shape. These two habits well insure that your PC is fully optimized to be productive at all times. The second trait of a great registry cleaning utility is that it has a reliable database for tracking known good programs, file types, and dll’s.

Select the drive you want to back up , right-click on it, and select “Create vcruntime140_1.dll download Image.” Select the software name and hit the Delete key to clear it from your PC. Angelos Kyritsis is the Editor-In-Chief of, which is the #1 Computer Hardware site in Greece.

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